Terry Kimmel - Biography - Part 2

Terry also has some theatrical experience in his background, including stage managing, acting and set construction. He was also fortunate to have had opportunities to direct, working at Summerfare (now Musicalfare), Irish Classical Theatre Company, Bristol Valley Playhouse in Naples, NY, and at other venues. Personal directorial high points were his enterprises with actress Lisa Ludwig, during which he directed her in a number of plays they produced together as Freefall Productions. Foremost among these were Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, night, Mother, and the astoundingly successful Kathy and Mo Show.

So, predictably, Terry would now like to pursue filmmaking as a creative medium. Previous attempts at making a short film have revealed he needs more practice. But he hasn't given up, and his current association with Emil and the Tesla project have renewed Terry's optimism to create something at least audience-palatable on video/celluloid. Because, damnit! home video technology has gotten to the point that any filmmaker wanna-be has at least the tools now to actually try-to-be what they wanna-be. And if it turns out they suck at making films, well, alright, that's disappointing but at least they'll find out a lot more cheaply and quickly working with digital video than hassling with old school 16mm, 35mm or even super 8!

Sorry, that slipped out. That was Terry giving himself a pep talk because he's a big, fat-ass chicken.

He hasn't given up on making comic books, either.

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