Terry Kimmel - Biography - Part 1

As a comic book collector and aspiring comic artist (supposedly), he has known Emil from shopping at Queen City Book Store. After various conversations, over a period of several years, other shared interests surfaced between the two creative individuals, the most prominent being theater, movies and filmmaking, which is how Terry was asked to help out on this fascinating, strange and totally original film project.

An only child who emigrated with his parents from the Netherlands to the U.S. when he was only 3 months old, Terry was pretty much raised as an American: fast food, drive-in movies, Marvel comics, etc. But he is also proud of his Dutch-Chinese-German-Indonesian background. Someday, he'll convince his wife, Amy, to bravely board a plane and fly overseas to check out the various old (and adopted new) countries.

Terry's cinematic tastes are varied. His two favorite films are It's a Wonderful Life and Pulp Fiction. Besides Frank Capra and Quentin Tarantino, other favorite filmmakers include Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Scorsese, Spielberg, the Coen Brothers, and David Lynch. In recent years, however, his tastes and interests have wandered into stranger celluloid currents. Two books specifically triggered this development: Mondo Macabro: Weird and Wonderful Cinema Around the World, Immoral Tales: European Sex and Horror Movies 1956-1984, written and co-written by Pete Tombs. This has led him to purchase several DVDs of films that he finds fascinating primarily, and sometimes entirely, for their plot and character elements. Like Santo vs. the Vampire Women (Masked wrestlers! Gorgeous bloodsucking women!) or Lust for Frankenstein (Michelle Bauer as the creature, clad only in stitches and combat boots!) versus their storytelling ability; indeed. The movies themselves may be almost impossible at times to sit through without fast forwarding or taking occasional breaks. Sometimes reading the descriptions of films made by Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, or Italian horror directors of the 70s and 80s is far more interesting than watching the actual movies.

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