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Gary: Gary, glad you could...
Tesla: Call me Nikola.
Gary: Very well, Nikola. Are you a method actor in that you want to be called your characters name?
Nikola: No, its just that I have no identity until one is bestowed upon me... right now that one is named Nikola.
Gary: What are your acting credits that filmmaker Emil J. Novak brought you on board for this production?
Nikola: Well, I have quite a bit of stage experience, which is actually how Emil and I met; through the Towne Players. The Players are an actors consortium in the Northtowns. He is a board member and creative advisor for them. He states this only when he is given the freedom to truly create.
Gary: So, he brought you into the fold after witnessing some of your prior work? Because while looking at your extensive resume, it would seem as though your globe trotting work has led you to many successful directors such as Emil.
Nikola: He saw the raw talent that hadn’t yet been exploited... yes?
Gary: It has been rumored that you, can be, hard to work with at times... That your ego has a tendency to clash with the people you work with.
Nikola: If being right is a crime... I’m guilty. I was told that I wouldn’t be answering any questions on the subject, ‘cause I’ll get up right here, right now...
Gary: Where are you going to go... I’m you.

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