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Welcome to my little part of the universe. Before I begin, some background information is in order. Please bear with me as I bring everyone up to speed. My Dad came to visit us in the late 1960s (approx. 1968). He lived in Trenton New Jersey. My mother, my sister, my brother and I lived in Buffalo New York at the time. Pops was bearer of gifts when he arrived. My younger siblings got toys and I got a box of The Planet Of The Apes gum cards and my first comic book. It was a Gold Key title, The Rat Patrol, which was based on the popular TV show. Thatís how it all began; my life in the world of popular culture.

By August of 1969, Dad opened Queen City Bookstore (the original name was: Queen City Coin And Bookstore). Somewhere along the way I fell in love with Jack "KING" Kirby (the artist guy). I noticed his name on basically everything I picked up from Marvel Comics. I quickly realized he essentially created the superhero genre, as we currently appreciate it.

Along the way I have seen my share of movies, ones that helped shape my artistic vision. Back in those days we lived at the drive-in. Double features were the rage. It always seemed to be horror or western movies with my Dad. I honestly donít know how my Mom put up with it. Once my sister and brother fell asleep, I would quietly peek over the back seat and catch a glimpse of the silver screen; and my life has never been the same. Seeing the last ten minutes of Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch at age 11 can make anyone a film fanatic.

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