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Darius Q. Johnson. The youngest (and better looking) of three brothers. He started drawing at an early age, and heavily influenced by by older brothers Torrey and Derek in particular. He would always draw his favorite Saturday morning cartoon heroes as well as his own characters, ultimitely making comic books out of them. His choosen worlds were magic and mecha, with intent on some world saving quest. Let’s not forget those well drawn damsels in distress he so loves to do.

Being a younger sibling and always thankful that his brothers gave him the opportunity to learn from some of the best of that day. From John Byrne (X-Men), John Romita Sr. (Spider-Man), Mike Golden (Micronauts, etc), along with John and Sal Buscema (Conan, Avengers).

Like most kids in the 80’s his art began to move in the direction of Manga, thanks to Voltron and Robotech. Then the 90’s hit hard, when Marvel Comics (my favorite) began hiring new stylish artist such as Todd McFarland, Jim Lee and Erik Larson. These innovative new styles brought his attention back to the comics he loved as a pre teen. Darius has said he spent countless hours a day learning from these guys, eventually this helped him develop his own style. In the late 90’s he returned to cartoons. Animation was always a strong influence on him, with its range of emotions, style and fluid motion. That influence can be seen today in his art.

During his teens he started going to Queen City Bookstore where he met Emil Novak. Who saw some raw, yet undefined talent in an art contest entry Darius had submitted. That event would eventually lead to the forming of a group/club of artist, inkers and writers, that would be the core of the Buffalo Nickel Comics™ publishing group from the late 1990s.

Darius then created The Rhanes Of Terror (pronounced “Raines”) for BNC along with a little help from Fred Archer. He has also worked on a handful of side projects for Aeonx Press™. Currently he illustrates just about anything one could imagine, though his main interest today is in the world of storyboard art, and music CD art and packaging.

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